Why is there no location based user search on Fiverr?

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I was thinking about this the other day: wouldn’t it be handy to have an advanced search option to find Fiverr sellers and services in a specific country or city?

I tried to see if I can find only service providers in Spain to assign the task to a person who is familiar with Barcelona and knows the local area well. It would have been a copy writing task and I would have preferred someone who has first hand experience with the place and a Fiverr seller who lives nearby rather than someone who may just research Barcelona and its places on the internet and puts together an article based on that research.

Anyway, I went onto Fiverr and tried to perform a search as described above but unfortunately there’s no option currently to filter per seller’s location. And I think I know why…

There are advanced searching options to filter your Fiverr keyword based search results such as:

  • gig category
  • delivery time
  • online status (of seller)
  • seller level
  • and spoken language of the Fiverr seller
  • you can also order the search results by relevancy / average customer rating or by / how new is the gig #


So why there are no geo-filtering option? Most likely that Fiverr doesn’t want to give away local service providers’ contact. Which makes total sense considering their business model. This would lead to buyers looking up contractors near them and meet / communicate with them in person outside Fiverr which would lead to breaching the terms of use of the site. Or at least this is my thinking behind the lack of this feature. I might be totally wrong, it could be that they just haven’t thought about adding this option.