Use Fiverr Gigs as a Lead Generating Tool

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Fiverr is an awesome place to make money working from home bla-bla… But let’s be honest $5 is not a lot of cash to spend. Especially if you take it into account that Fiverr takes a HUGE 20% of that as commission. You you really only earn $4.

Fiverr seller commisions, suck isn’t it?

If you looking at it from the seller’s perspective this gig marketplace really should be called “Fourr”.

Actually it’s not even $4 as you need to withdraw those Benjamins and the only way to do that is Paypal… they get their juicy cut too.

And let’s not mention that after completing an order you are going to have to wait 14 days before the $4 appears on your account balance.

Pretty slow and painful to sell gigs on Fiverr right?

Not necessarily. Many of you have much more to offer than $5 services! Fiverr is bursting with buyers that are willing to spend more money to get real result.

The solution?

Create a gig that is a gateway, an entry point for possible clients. Once they get in touch you have a chance to up-sell. And that’s where the REAL money lies on Fiverr. Yeah, sounds easy. But HOW to do it?

Please bare in mind that offering your services outside of Fiverr is strictly against the terms of use of the website. So please don’t go sending your personal email address and payment details to your buyers after reading this post. This will get you kicked out of Fiverr before you know it. You need to do this smart and play nicely.

There is a way of staying within the boundaries of Fiverr’s house rules and leveraging the power of cross selling / up selling services.

The real serious revenue on Fiverr comes from turning your everyday $5 customers into rabid $100, $200, $500 customers. Not from doing endless gigs day in day out. Every full time Fiverr superstar top seller can tell you the same thing.

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How to do it?

Find out from Danielle Lynn who wrote an entire step-by-step guide on it. Her ebook “Ultimate Fiverr Marketing” is a must read for all Fiverr seller.

I promise, it will feel like a light switch was turned on in your mind.