The Dangers of Buying Facebook Likes on Fiverr

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You see thousands of top rated gigs for getting Facebook likes on Fiverr. The number of sellers who offer this service is staggering and the reason is simple: great demand.

It really pays to be popular on Facebook but it is not so easy to get traction on your newly created Facebook page. This is where savvy social media marketing gurus come to the picture. Only for $5 they will help you get the desired attention to any Facebook page. Sounds too good? Perhaps it is.

The common issue of FB page owners

You have created your social presence, pimped out your newly created Facebook page with profile pictures, you added some interesting and like able posts BUT: no one likes your page. Then you invite all your friends, family and pets to like your page and finally you got 6 likes. One of them is you. Sad, isn’t it. You need more traction. You need more LIKES NOW!

How buying Facebook likes work?

Most of the sellers only require your Facebook page or post link, no admin access needed to your Facebook page. Quite a safe way of doing this as you don’t risk providing admin control to a stranger.

Does it worth it? How far can I push it?

Nowadays you can find gigs to buy likes in bulk for as little as 2000 likes for $5. Some even cheaper. Should you go out and buy 100.000 likes – not recommended as this might trigger some flags at Facebook – they have close monitoring of trending pages and such growth would surely get a manual review. If they check you out at Facebook HQ manually then you FB account will be 99% chance shut down and banned for crossing the terms of usage of the social giant. Buy likes but don’t abuse it. You will be just wasting your money. Also don’t go for the “Too good to be true offers” some people will offer you 50.000 likes for $5 – I promise you they will be blocked very soon and your precious likes will disappear overnight by the thousands.

In a Fiverr gig that sells likes the title or description might tell you that you will be getting REAL likes. But there’s a big difference between a “REAL” and a “REAL REAL” like. What do I mean by that? I explain in a second.

Are these really REAL likes from actual people? The risks…

Short answer is NO. Buying these large quantities of likes will NEVER GET YOU REAL HUMAN FOLLOWERS. Nearly all of these service providers use a software such as Scrapebox or Facebook friend bomber to generate thousands of fake Facebook account and automate the process of liking your page from these robot Facebook accounts. These profiles may have activity and profile photos so they look like an actual private human account. Furthermore these will show up on your page as “real likes” increasing your metrics and making your page look more popular. But keep in mind if you want to build a genuine follower base – do not rely on solely on these “fake” real likes. They won’t get you anywhere in terms of sales, conversions or traffic.

You might get your instant boost with the likes but there won’t be any added real activity on the page. No engagement from those ‘users’ will also bash your engagement metrics. So you better be prepared to take a hit on that one front.


Can my account be blocked or banned for buying likes?

Good questions – as we mentioned earlier: if you overdo it and purchase a gazillion of likes you can buckle of cos you are going down very soon.

FYI Facebook shut down 83 million accounts last year, claiming they were fake. This included several celebrities fan page giants which you must have read about on site’s like Mashable ( yes, Rihanna was one of them). Facebook won’t let blackhat social marketing go “wild-wild west” and obviously intends to keep a close watch on its users’ authenticity. So all-in-all if you have decided to buy them Likes, be prepared for the not so glorious day when your page comes up a couple of thousand likes short.

Becoming popular – (fake?) Social Credibility

Since your page looks like it is receiving a truckload of attention on Facebook, people will trust you more and even listen to what you have to say. Social Credibility is what it’s called and it is based on a generally accepted fact that a Facebook user is more likely to trust and do business with brand which has a few thousand Likes than the one with only 6 Likes. So, being the popular kid on this social media platform does have its perks.

Create a Facebook page with Social Gravity

What is gravity doing – pulls in objects and keeps them close. This is exactly what a large (many likes) Facebook page can do. The more likes it has the more people will flood to it. The bigger (larger mass) an object has in space the larger it’s pulling power – same applies to Facebook pages. In Facebook terms: “People think you’re cool, so what the hell, I also think you’re cool.” Research shows that after reaching critical mass you will be getting organic likes and naturally occurring growth.

So there you go – you got all the ins and outs of what buying Facebook Likes is all about. In my humble opinion, it is a fully acceptable marketing method as long as you know how to keep your activity under the radar. Getting your own Facebook like nitro boost is a brilliant fast-track to build a social online presence or boost your SEO metrics. Especially, if you just have launched your site. Of course there are many other ways to kick-start your online business using genuine, legal marketing efforts.

In some way I agree that it is silly to buy fake likes and I know most online marketing pros will nod their head right now. But there are some cases where we can make an exception

Here are 3 genuine reasons why people purchase likes on Fiverr

  • Win Contests, voting competitions (Cheat:))
  • Kick-start a Facebook page and gain social credibility for their social presence
  • Boost SEO metrics

So what is it going to be? Will you cross the black hat line and get 1000s of likes overnight or stay the “nice guy”? Your call.


  • Budi Okada

    that is true, Don’t buy that fake fb like, i have personal experience with this…. just waste a money