Optimize your Fiverr sales images with this PSD template

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Picking your Fiverr gig page images can be a pain as Fiverr doesn’t accept just any size of imagery for sales pages. This is to make sure there are no pixelated or streched images on the site making it look more professional.

If you have look at other Fiverr clone websites you can see how bad some of the gig listings look like due to low quality images.

To maintain the best quality we have created a standard size PSD template for you to download for FREE. Use this in Photoshop to paste your imagery and you will always have the best aspect ratio and positioning of your Fiverr sales image.

Fiverr standard gig image specifications

Upload photos that describe or relate to your Gig. They can be samples of your work. Allowed: JPEG, 682 pixels wide, 459 pixels height, up to 2 MB.

Dimensions: 682 x 459
Size: max 2MB
Format: JPEG

If any of the specs are not met you will get an error message when trying to save your gig settings.

Here is the PSD template that should make your life easier.

Download Fiverr gig image template PSD optimised 682×459

fiverr gig image PSD template