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Introducing Fiverr Seller: StunnaGirl

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Stunnagirl has been a seller on Fiverr since February 2011, offering fan signs, weight loss advice, and video promotion.

She has been helping businesses succeed by providing quality services via simple to understand and professional gigs. Let it be a pro video testimonial, a Youtube video response or a product intro – she will handle your marketing needs with competency.

And by offering fresh gigs such as twitter social promotions and holding a sign for you with your custom message on it she can propel your online efforts and help achieve those sales targets you craving for.

FT: What is your greatest challenge on Fiverr as a seller and why did you choose your niche (video testimonials)?

Stunnagirl: As a seller, my greatest challenge is finding time to respond to buyer’s questions. The messages pile up so fast, as do my orders, and since my orders have a time limit, they take priority. I chose to do video testimonials because I love being in front of the camera :).

FT: How successful do you consider yourself on Fiverr and where do you see yourself in terms of sales in 1 year time?

Stunnagirl: I generally have 10 video sales on average, per day. In about a years time, I’m sure that number will have tripled.

FT: What is your favourite thing on Fiverr and what would you change?

Stunnagirl: On Fiverr, I love the potential to make money. I would change the messaging system to make it easier to sort through messages.

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