How To Increase Your Fiverr Gig Sales

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Do you need help to increase Fiverr gig sales and drive more orders? Attracting buyers is not an easy thing and many people make the very basic mistake of “trying to sell” their services. Keep in mind that from the buyer’s perspective you are here on Fiverr to OFFER something. NOT to SELL. I will try to explain what I mean.

When someone is buying something the are looking to GET something of value. They are not buying to simply part their cash. I hope you see where I am going with this.

What you need to do is convince your buyers that:

  • you provide valuable and quality services
  • you are a trusted person to buy from
  • you are reliable and will do what you described in your gig

If you nail the above than you will NEVER need to “SELL”.

I can already hear your next question: But how will I drive relevant traffic to my gigs?

True, if nobody sees your gig, even if it’s the most convincing sales page in the world, you will get zero sales.

My best tips for getting high volume and laser targeted visitors to your gig:

Write guest blog posts on microjobs related websites. Or another approach is to pick blogs that related to your niche. For example if your gig is fitness related, go to a fitness blog and get in touch with the author or just simply leave a comment on an article introducing yourself in a polite manner. If they respond you can try to engage offering your services.

You may promote yourself on forums like WarriorForum, BlackhatWorld, Sitepoint  and many places where webmaster and digital marketing professionals gather. You will always find great prospects on sites like that.

No need to even mention social media giants: join Fiverr Facebook pages and groups, build a Twitter network and messaging strategy. Connect people on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is less saturated and a fairly untapped sales source. Use these wisely, create a daily routine. Spend 10-20 minutes following people, posting here and there, create connections, making introductions and answering queries. After a couple of weeks of doing it, look back on what you had done, evaluate what worked, which technique actually brought you sales and push forward with your most effective social media activities.

Get the most exposure on Fiverr’s internal search. We posted a few good tips about maximizing your SEO for your Fiverr gig. 

No matter which place you choose to promote your Fiverr gigs, my best advice is: Do NOT try to sell hard. Provide advice, join a discussion rather than pushing your gig directly down on people’s throat. If you push, they will push back. Pull your sales in by positioning yourself as an expert. That will always create trust and will drive you more sales opposed to sending sales messages that will most likely be ignored or deleted after 3 seconds.