Gig title optimization with CAPITAL letters on Fiverr

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Sometimes errors will lead you to the best tricks. The other day I was struggling to get my gig titles right and Fiverr kept throwing an error message saying “Title can contain only one capitalized word”.

Of course many people will try to pull the old ALL CAPS rage to get maximum attention with gig titles. A trick that Fiverr knows of course and of course they are smart enough to build in validation for over capitalized titles.

See the below warning? What does this tell you?

To me it is NOT an error but a clear indication that it is ALLOWED to use 1 WORD in CAPITALS! So make sure you leverage this!

fiverr-gig-title-capitalization-optimise-salesI went through all my gigs and highlighted my most important keyword or striking sales phrase in my gig titles all in capital letters. 2 weeks in and the conversion rate has increased 12% on average on almost all my gigs.

This feature is overlooked by most Fiverr seller. Do not underestimate the power of such small optimization methods. They will bring great results in terms of conversion and sales volume.

Just use common sense. I have done a random search for “slots” on Fiver – tell me which title grabs your attention the most?


See SLOTS, CHRISTMAS and COOL ? Of course you do. Tried and tested Fiverr sales optimization method.

Pick your best KEYWORD and CAPITALIZE it and see your conversion go up!