Fiverr social marketing leads – How to do it like a pro?

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Ever wondered how those seller can make HUNDREDS of sales by offering business sales, local business contacts and social leads in their gigs? Believe me, they won’t go out and find you leads manually. They all use smart and robust software that does the hard lifting for them.

Today I will tell you what is this software and I let you get access to one of the BEST lead generation software currently out there.

This particular program leverages the shear size of Facebook and Google+ and the fact that today’s modern business WILL have some form of marketing presence on these social media site.

You engage with companies, brands and products on Facebook every day, even without realizing it. You like, share, comment, join groups – simply put: you express your relationship to the given brand in some sort of way. This allows savvy online marketers to extract this data and pull it into an Excel sheet. And here you go, you got yourself the perfect recipe for a top selling business lead / sales prospect generating gig.

Now you are eager to know what is this magic software that does all that smart stuff.

It is called Social Lead Freak

It’s lead generation software that searches pages, events, places, groups and profiles on Facebook and Google+ based on any keyword(s) you can imagine. It’s a very powerful tool. It is literally a one click extract of Member ID’s of people that ‘attended’ events, joined groups, commented recently on pages and posts. There’s even a convertion tool that turns the member IDs into email addresses.

SOCIAL-LEAD-FREAK-PROSocial Lead Freak Pro – Ultimate lead generation software for Facebook and Google+

The numbers of ways you can tool is huge. Extracting contact and selling leads on Fiverr is just the tip of the iceberg really. If you ae promoting products and services yourself this lead generation software can change the way you market. Current users say it can improve conversion 5-10x and cut paid advertising costs third by letting you target the right group of people.

Covvinced? Check it out here.