Canned Fiverr feedback message templates

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To make your life easier as a Fiverr buyer and/or seller we have compiled a list of pre-written canned messages you may use as feedback on orders.

Of course we encourage you to always write original and genuine feedback to each seller and as a seller respond to your clients’ feedback each time with a personalized message. This will get you more engaged customers and make the transaction more memorable which can lead to future business relations.

However sometimes when you are in a rush and need to get through a long list of Todo’s a couple of pre-written templates can come handy on Fiverr.

Fiverr buyers feedback templates

Hooray!… You got a thumbs up from “username”

Great work , thank you

Great gig + awesome communications + expert service = You should order this now!

Fantastic work. Highly recommend your services!

Nailed it! Will be back for more.

As requested and delivered as promised. Awesome!

Fiverr Seller feedback  response templates

Great buyer, hope to work with you again!

Glad to be of serve to you.

Thanks. Order again anytime!

Thank you so! Good luck with your “project/product/website”

Thanks! My pleasure working with you.

Hope you put our feedback copy-paste cheat sheet into good use. But don’t abuse it:) Give us a shout if you have any good ones.