5 Things Top Selling Gigs Have in Common

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If you want to create a successful gig it may worth analyse what the top selling gigs have in common on Fiverr.

After a little digging around and comparing gigs by top selling authors we found that the following 5 factors define a block buster gig.

1. A gig a business would buy

It’s nice to create gigs that individuals would purchase but if you want to make real money and sell large volume you better offer a gig that fulfills a demand that businesses look for. Every business wants one common thing: make money. If your gig in any way helps them just do that it will be a success.

2. A gig you can deliver fast

Time is key. Buyers don’t like to wait too long for their orders to be completed. Pick a gig that you can deliver in max. 2 days. There are a lot of impulse buyers on Fiverr. To keep them happy and to keep up a good turnaround time you need a gig that doesn’t take you ages to do.

3. A gig that looks professional

Make sure you don’t have: spelling errors in gig description, low quality images/videos, unprofessional language.
Make sure you have: clear,well formatted and easy to scan description, display work samples, mention unique selling points, list credentials, why choose you?

4. A gig that can be shown on a video

Fiverr tells you that gigs with a video convert 220% better. Makes sure you have one. Make a short and easy to understand video and explain what is your gig about.

5. A gig that you can upgrade (upsell extras)

The basic $5 gig should only be the gateway to further services that you can upsell via extras. If you reach Level 1/2 status these can significantly increase your earnings per order.