3 Amazing Video Software to Create Fiverr Videos

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VideoScribe – Hand drawing on whiteboard style videos

You DON’T need to know how to draw! You seriously thought there are hundreds of talented comic artists on Fiverr? 🙂 Of course not, they use Sparkol VideoScribe. Just click, drag-and-drop and create AWESOME intros, sales videos for Fiverr and clients in minutes. GET it HERE!

Powtoon – Cartoon style animated videos

Remember those goofy characters that you must have seen popping up in the sales videos of Fiverr? Now that’s done with the Powtoon video editing software. TRY it HERE!


Simple Video Pro – Kickass internet video marketing tool

They claim Simple Video Pro to be “The Most Powerful Video Marketing Platform Ever Created”. It has some incredible functions that would impress any buyer. So comprehensive, if it’s about internet video you 100% covered. CHECK it out HERE!

Impressive videos = Exponential sales growth

These video editing tools are the best kept secrets of Fiverr’s top selling authors. Some of them cost a little fee but the value you can provide by using any of the 3 video creation software above will bring epic returns on your investment in a really short period of time.

They all come with super easy to follow tutorial videos. If you try one of these and you will see how fun are they to use. Literally an  8 year old can make epic looking videos.

With a little creativity and a few hours effort you can easily make marketing agency grade video material for yourself as a Fiverr seller or offer video production services to buyers on the Fiverr marketplace.

Do you have a video creation/editing tool you like?
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